The Scientific-Research Information-and-Publishing Institute



Dear friends,

The Scientific Research, Information and Publishing Institute “Centre of Democratic Socialism” (CDS) founded in Kiev deals with elaboration of the present-day conception of socialism – democratic-and-economic socialism – as a contemporary democratic society based on the principles of social justice – the society which is crisis-free in its development, as well as free of both forms of oppressive power of today’s world that lie heavy on the man – that is, the system-power of capital (as we have it here now) and the system-power of bureaucracy (as it was in the previous epoch of etatic administrative-bureaucratic socialism). It is the society in the centre of attention of which are interests not of a big capital or of the class of bureaucratic officialdom but the interests of a man, where the main goal and the main value is a man.

Democratic-and-economic socialism – is the scientific socialism today.

To my profound conviction, this is the project of the future, and such a society will be the choice of the planet of the XXI century.

Elaboration of this conception is being accomplished on the basis of the analysis of the experience of practice of socialism – in the Soviet Union and other countries of the socialist system – as well as the analysis of the social and economic practice of the European Union and other highly developed countries of the world in the XX and XXI centuries.

At present I prepare for publication the new edition of my book on this subject (first it was published in small circulation in 1998).

Center of Democratic Socialism, which is currently in the stage of its organizational development, is looking for contacts for co-operation and consolidation of efforts – the associates, supporters, allies for joint actions, as well as benefactors and sonsors to support research and development activities as well as activities in tje practical politics and publishing domain — in order to promote ideas of democratic-and-economic socialism in the countries of the post-Soviet and post-socialist European area and in the countries of the World.