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För närvarande är detta Internetsida på svenska är under utveckling — informationen om Projektet och CDS är tillfället tillgänglig på ryska och inledningsvis på engelska, franska, polska, ukrainska.

For the present this site in Swedish is in the stage of development — see information about the Project and CDS in Russian or in English at:  www.cdes-21.org/ru ,  www.cdes-21.org/en .

В настоящее время данный сайт на шведском языке находится в стадии разработки — информацию о Проекте и о ЦДС можно посмотреть на русском или английском языке на сайтах:  www.cdes-21.org/ru ,  www.cdes-21.org/en .

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Kort information på engelska


Oleg Krysin Director of the Institute Head of CDS

Oleg Krysin
Director of the Institute
Head of CDS

The Scientific-Research Information-and-Publishing Institute




Dear friends,


The Scientific Research, Information and Publishing Institute “Centre of Democratic Socialism” (CDS) founded in Kiev deals with elaboration of the present-day conception of socialism – democratic and economic socialism, as a society which is crisis-free as well as free of both forms of oppressive power of the contemporary world that lie heavy on the man – that is, power of capital and power of bureaucracy. To my profound conviction, this is the project of the future, and such a society will be the choice of the planet of the XXI century.

Elaboration of this conception is being accomplished on the basis of the analysis of the experience of practice of socialism – in the Soviet Union and other countries of the socialist system – as well as the analysis of the social and economic practice of the European Union and other highly developed countries of the world in the XX and XXI centuries.

At present I prepare for publication the new edition of my book on this subject (first it was published in small circulation in 1998).

CDS would like to establish contacts in order to exchange information and opinions as to possible ways of cooperation in the theoretical and practical spheres.

The preferable languages for correspondence are Russian or English.

Looking forward to your kind reply,

Best regards,


Oleg Krysin

Director of the Institute
Head of CDS

E-mail: centre.of.democratic.socialism@gmail.com
(Please pay attention that the word ”centre” in this e-mail address should be written in English, i.e. not in American variant)

Phone: +(38 0 44) 249 7530 , +(38) 095 127 5551

Address for correspondence:
Oleg Krysin
Kiev-110, a/c 141
03110, Ukraine